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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Reincarnation & Karma of the Soul ~Ties To Poverty ,Crime, Generational Curses

There are many, but perhaps the principal one is the teaching of orthodoxy that at each birth a newly created soul enters material existence fresh from the hand of God, that it lives here in a material body for a longer or shorter span of time and then passes out by death into the invisible beyond, there to remain for all eternity in a state of happiness or misery according to what it did while here in the body.

The Rosicrucian teaching is that each soul is an integral part of God, which is seeking to gain experience by repeated existences in gradually improving material bodies and that, therefore, it passes into and out of material existences many times; that each time it gathers a little more experience than it previously possessed and in time is nourished from nescience to omniscience--from impotence to omnipotence--by means of these experiences.
Our sense of justice revolts against a teaching which sends one soul into a home of culture and a noble family where it has the advantage of wealth, where moral teachings are implanted in the growing child, but sends another into the slums, its father a thief and the mother, perhaps, immoral, and where its teachings consist in lying, stealing, etc. If here only once, all should have the same chance if they are to be judged by the same laws, and we know that no two people have the same experiences in life. We know that where one meets many temptations, another lives comparatively untouched by the storms of life. Therefore, when one soul is placed in a moral environment and another in immoral surroundings, it is not right to send the one to a heaven of enjoyment and eternal bliss for doing the right he could not help doing, nor is it just to send the other to a hell for stealing and robbing when the environment and the conditions into which he was thrown were such that he could not help himself.
Therefore, the Rosicrucian teaching holds that we come into whatever place is best fitted for us by our previous experiences in former lives, and that we get just what we deserve in all cases; that all experiences which come to us are just what we need to give us the appropriate impetus for our next step in unfoldment.


Now before I begin allow me to make this disclaimer and this is that I have no affiliations to the Rosicrucians. Nor am I trying to indoctrinate or throw dogma your way. As this group of christian mystics are clearly stating they are of a different belief of the traditional orthodoxy where you are either rewarded or doomed to a Heaven or Hell. But, I couldn't help agreeing with this depiction of a soul's incarnations and how it breaks down the cycles in relation to where a Spirit may land from it's previous experiences. This was taken directly from one of their websites at In my opinion this brought validation on the inside as to how one always felt it worked and I have no problem pulling from different sources to make a point. I mean it deeply resonated. GOD is indeed a merciful GOD and in my previous posts I highlighted this in relation to the recycling of the Soul or what some may deem as karma. The fear of a perceived "hell" is real but what if this perceived hell can actually take place on Earth because for many it can certainly feel like this is the case; especially for those who live under the plight of poverty.

You see in a new age or paradigm we seek to gain a better understanding of how Life cycles work. Often times we wondered why is it that some people "luck out" and are born into a wealthy or middle income family and the next man or woman into poverty (You know the "silver spoon" thing). It's not really luck but seemingly the Universe working itself out moving like a recycling bin, recycling Souls till their Souls reach a certain maturity (Again, not a Soul superiority thing but a Soul maturity thing). Am I discounting that there are powers that be that simply like to keep these vicious cycles going? By all means no. But you ever ask yourself what is it they know on a spiritual level that may perpetuate this separation among "classes" as we currently know them. Ever ask yourself how we may be able to break these cycles? Ever ask yourself how breaking these cycles may lead to an overall better society? 

It's my belief that many families born into the plight of poverty carry a strong moral ethic, yet when faced with living in certain conditions and when disenfranchized they have to find creative outlets to remain alive as I stated in "The Facade" in Soul Survivor Vol. 1. Unfortunately, many of these outlets fall under what society may deem as crime and thus we have predicate felons locked up for doing what they have to do to feed their families.  The system quite frankly isn't shaped to always give these people a chance to break the cycle whether as individuals or families. I mention families more so to make the connection to what people know spiritually as generational curses. Carrying a felony often means no job when you come home so you go back to what you know and the cycle continues. I've mentioned this before in previous posts but did not harp so much on the spiritual cycle aspect as I was speaking more on the local effects of globalized capitalism. Plus I came across the depiction above that seemed to capture these spiritual cycles in a well fitting manner.

Family I put this out here because it is not a coincidence that many of the descendants of the patriarchs and matriarchs origins of civilization struggle with this cycle of poverty worldwide and consequently end up being locked up as a result of/and being disenfranchized. Domestically we've always known that the jails consist of approximately 60% "black or people of color" as inmates. Many derived from the plight of poverty and many predicate felons. What if we were to change some of the policies towards how we first and foremost tackle poverty because it's at the root of this along with the fact that many feel they are being directly targeted. Truth be told many will say everyone has a "choice" they can make, they don't have to choose that route. But this is where I say "ah hah!" and make the link spiritually as it was described in the depiction above when it states,
Therefore, when one soul is placed in a moral environment and another in immoral surroundings, it is not right to send the one to a heaven of enjoyment and eternal bliss for doing the right he could not help doing, nor is it just to send the other to a hell for stealing and robbing when the environment and the conditions into which he was thrown were such that he could not help himself.          
I allude to this because the world is really going to need a certain level of compassion to understand the consequences of poverty and its ramifications to society in general and how it seems to disproportionately be affecting a certain group of people for centuries. However at the rate things are going as I've stated before in previous posts; there are many who have never even tasted poverty before and are falling into this cycle and in time may fall into doing what they have to do to survive. Essentially the vicious cycle will become more widespread and then we are thus moving away from the notion of bringing or having a Heaven on Earth. 

The point is that many policies need to change as for many right now crime simply pays for some because they have no choice but to operate under what's labeled "crime". Other countries have successfully changed their policies towards things such as drug control and the criminality aspect of drugs successfully. Look at the Netherlands for example.  Then domestically we have those who are caught up under three strikes rules or mandatory minimum sentences just for being present in the home of those they didn't even know were partaking in "crime" or simply visiting family. Yet, when incarcerated how can individuals take advantage of the use of their GOD given talents and faculties to use their creativity legitimately to get paid or help their fellow man as opposed to being viewed as a deviant. Some even earn their degrees while incarcerated or pick up a very legit trade, but society will fear them once released. In one of my last posts  "Still We Rise"  I spoke to us ascending to a point where we can truly use our minds to create and manifest what we want in the physical. So are we saying that those who are incarcerated can't take part in this. Do we keep the poor so mired down in poverty that they lose hope?

I pose these many questions to stimulate thought as always and to also get the attention of the powers that be. In addition the awareness of the Spiritual cycles and how they relate to where we land in the present is vital to breaking these vicious cycles and for some what may seem to be generational curses. The generational curses aren't subject or limited to any one particular race but clearly there are some who are affected more than others and this is just a fact. Now there are many angles and viewpoints when it comes to this particular matter of poverty that need to be heard along with the how's and why's the patriarchs and matriarchs origin of civilizations seemingly suffer the most from this worldwide and clearly domestically. Is this too by design? In many ways I believe so or let me say know so.

The main gist of the post was to interweave the spiritual themes with the culture and the happenings that take place here on our Earth. This is important as we walk the Earth in our physical shells yet are truly Spirit beings at our core. So why not get comfortable with how the Spirit operates and how it relates to the pertinent issues in our society as we are extensions of GOD. "Co-Creators" is a great term to define this. Nonetheless, injustices can only last but so long and I firmly believe Nature is going to bring the balance. Check out my previous post on "Motherland Foundational Soulutions" to see how we may be able to accelerate the plan as Co-Creators.  Peace to the Love and Awareness 360.

Peace, Prosperity, Abundance and Blessings

-B. Poe

P.S. Check for these quotes

"In the streets its getting hot and the youths them a get so cold, searching for food for the pot, they'll do anything to fill that gap"

-Richie Spice

"Powerful figures in Spirit live infinitely cascading messages with purpose we so persevere......"

-B. Poe


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

***Five Star Poetry*** by B.Poe

360 Degrees

Synthetic frills can kill
Vocabulary and memories
Dictionary to pictionary
Synonyms come soon
We learn holistic balance
To uphold the talents
Imhotep scholars scream and holler
360 degrees
Falls to his knees
So once can't conceive of
Disease or malaise
In a phase where we
Turn the page and rage
Against the machines
Spend time peeling limes
To extract the bitter
As if it were kosher to reconsider
Work from the Heart
The diagnosis bi-polar
When your world falls apart
Proclaim fame with severe dedication
To the arts
One hand provides the parts
The other polishes the full picture
If you seek affirmation
Much is hidden in scripture

Acoustic Glory

She sung about the mystery of iniquity
Acoustic flow
Problems solved through our history
Full circle ancestry
Keepers of the Earth
Seeds sprout
Without a doubt
To the side we till still
Like a community garden
Till the brothers are pardoned
Hearts no longer hardened
Inject the sentiments
So it cements
Felt within
GOD within
Dusting off the books that hold evidence
No longer are they dead
As it was her breathe
That gave us Life
Glory to you Eden

Come Together

Keep coming together world
Keep coming together
Watch the miracles flow
As the miracles grow
Light up the world
With a sky full of lighters
So when the heavens look down upon us
Even the darkest spirits frowns
Turn upside down
Their time is damn near up
Last minute havoc
As if GOD would have it
The tie that binds
Source's representative for Earth
It shines
We welcome in a golden age
A new paradigm

Mix - Match

Time to go Gnostic
Under this bostick
Number 2 shade
Celtic Nag Hammadi
Mix match like
Kilts at the parade
Plaid prints come together
Regardless of weather or whether
We carry weaponry
A shepherd boy sees his peace
Six pence none the richer
They evolve into flippers
With underwater smarts
Not floppers for corn poppers
But top shottas
Cutty Sark dark dreams
Translated by wray and nephew
We adore the divine women this season
Something like Heff do

Summer Reading Feedings

Prescriptive literature
Compassionate reversals
Pecola breeds Love
While Atticus finch pinch
The syringe holding heroin
Holden caufield steel
So catch her in the rye fields
The color purple
Had me in a haze like
Kush and dour hours
Gatsby style
I could go on forever
She said she liked my strong island
When we ate at oyster bay
Paused to hear bishop
Preach to Q about the juice
Along the way
Sent flowers to Algernon's funeral
Sometimes I'd fall asleep
Tryptophan effects
The mind eats
Summer reading feedings
Knowledge seeps
We can sometimes relate
When the scenes look like they'd take place
At our front gates

Monday, July 30, 2012

Still We Rise !

Here we are World or should I say Universe at a pivotal point in our Ascension as Humanity. I want to begin by giving praise and gratitude upon the Most High and Love to All That There Is. Before I proceed I also would like to send thoughts and prayers to the families of those who were killed in the tragic shooting in Colorado and across the nation and world. It’s been noted that cities not used to certain types of violence like Toronto has had its share of mass shootings. Yet, domestically cities like Chicago, Philly, and New Orleans, New York etc… have also seen its fair share of gun violence. The solution for this family is to quite simply lay the guns down and stop killing each other please as we all know these times are difficult for many but violence only begets more violence. To my brothas and sistas I was listening to the Al Sharpton show this morning and the topic was on exactly that, gun violence. Quite frankly us taking each other out is by design. There are a lot of issues going down in the neighborhoods plagued by violence which is also by design but it saddens me and many to hear about it, especially hearing about kids getting caught up in the crossfire as little as 4 years old and knowing what their families have to go through. What's really good can we get a cease fire? Keep in mind this is my opinion and clearly the opinion of others, yet it's kind of tough to argue against Peace.

Incidents between police and the people in communities which are deemed to be 'high crime areas' have also seemingly increased. I want to send peace and love to the families who lost loved one's out in California. I don't know all the details but at the end of the day it's another case of men dying and families suffering from their loss. In addition to all of this it seems that we have many nations positioning themselves for potential military conflicts worldwide. At this point we know the potential ramifications of any kind of war that takes place anywhere in the world that could lead to a catastrophic domino effect. There are floods taking place worldwide along with other calamities. Icebergs the sizes of some countries are breaking, earthquakes, shark attacks. It’s as if we are approaching a climax as the Earth is shifting. The 666 is our current state and when the cycle is complete these same numbers will reflect the 999( turn em upside down) Please keep this in mind as change in the Universe is constant and this change will take place regardless but again we can minimize the effects through a group effort.

We can certainly steer the balance on all this with our thoughts and prayers by maintaining a focus on PEACE through meditation  and let the chips fall where they may. It's at this point we can really see what direction we are headed into as a whole and the dark will continue to be exposed.  Now more than ever we have an ability to manifest our reality in the way we see fit because we have begun to ascend to this capability. So one can only imagine what a massive thought construct movement can do for the world right now. In addition to doing our best to be in tune with nature. There are too many issues to even mention but there are those who have been fighting for their individual causes for quite some time and to you we say keep pushing. We are certainly of independent minds but to survive the times would more than likely require us to use each of our GOD given talents and be interdependent and learn from one another. Protests are cool and all but can leave people like sitting ducks for those who may want to cause harm. This is why I’m speaking to the thought construct. It’s not a matter of being soft but we’ve seen what’s been happening in various cities across the world with people doing suicide bombs etc… when people come to gather to protest for righteous causes. All of this is simply skimming the surface on some issues that are prominent. Call it what you want prayer or whatever but energy does indeed flow where thoughts go.

Now for me I know there are many questions that have been left unanswered and some have been able to put the pieces of the puzzle together, but truth be told it’s not really all about me right now. Don’t let my Life be a distraction. Clearly my Life embodied the Spiritual warfare I’ve often spoken to and no one is exempt from it. Spiritual warfare will leave kinks in your armor at times. In one of my poems I described it as such  "Situations depicted in rain and other sunshine." Funny thing is both types of situations nourish the mind, body, and spirit like they do for vegetation or throughout nature.  I make no excuses for many things that I’ve done but I have gone back and made some of the connections as to where some of my actions could have been derived from and I am working to forgive myself(these are my confessions). These are some of the emotional traumas we all experience that we need to grow and learn from. When the energies come washing ashore I want to ensure my karmic slate is clean to the core. In the coming weeks I will post on a great depiction of our karmic cycles and how they relate to our incarnations into this world or other realms. I am a very imperfect messenger with a Heart of Gold and I’m working diligently to align myself with the right side of things or I should say the Light. Will I slip and fall from a perceived grace as I've written in previous postings, this is likely but we're in it for the experience.

To my friends and family that know me to my core I want you to know that despite what everything seems I got nothing but Love for you and I know I may have withdrawn a bit, but clearly I was going through something. I pray the Love can continue to be reciprocated as this is what I've always wanted to impart on everyone I encounter in my Life because we all come into each other's lives for a reason even if for a season.

It’s also not easy to pacify the Spirit, but there is a lot of value growing into your perspective. Best believe though that it’s not light work being a Lightworker and my fellow Lightworkers can attest to this for sure. Trust me we’ve seen a lot, been through a lot. Yet, all of the pain and training of the Soul experience was for this moment.We all chose to incarnate here during these times to bare witness and help with the Earth's Ascension.  Think about the Hurt Locker movie when they would always say things like"stay frosty" especially when they were about to go into battle or deactivate a bomb. This is the moment we are at right now one in which we have the ability to deactivate a potential bomb threat to Humanity literally. To me this means to remember that that your Soul is on ice while you are here in this physical shell as if when we put things on ice we do so to preserve it. Simultaneously your soul is on fire like a cold fusion.

Some may not like when I say Humanity as a whole but haven’t we now figured out that we’re not alone here in this Universe. Divisiveness has kept us battling among each other for too long. I must say coming up I’ve drawn from all cultures and races. Make no mistake I’m not turning a blind eye to the blatant disparities among cultures and races in this world and I foresee many of these issues will more than likely be handled accordingly in the very near future. Like the disparity of “minorities” in jail domestically, suffering through poverty worldwide, etc... The Patriarchs and Matriarchs origin of civilizations have had it rough for centuries but there seems to be a changing of the guard, if you will, everywhere and this is being fostered through worldwide cooperation. It’s kind of tough to resist what the Universe is bringing full circle so we should all continue to get familiar.

So much information has been unveiled and filtered down to us from the Spiritual realms. So do we grow from it? Time and time again I’ve seen many say “You are not a color” which is so true. Color is very much an illusion here in this realm because we know that the spectrum is derived from many different colors, yet form one light beam. Happy Ascension family keep the Awareness 360 and the Love 360 flowing. For now this is my message. Again my Life should not be a distraction but such is Life. Again I say to you I’m working hard to align myself on the right side of things. Please stay focused and for the record I was not gunning for Barack’s spot when I wrote “Presidential” in Soul Survivor Vol.1. Clearly the poem was laced with parallels to the first and last name's of current and past presidents which seem to surround us everywhere we go if you're paying attention. Nor was I out trying to make music I simply wanted to write my heart out on some Langston Hughes, Nikki Giovanni , Edgar Allen Poe, and Amiri Baraka type stuff. For those who say that you can only be the best you that one can be so why compare yourself to others must have forgotten the term role model or better yet the fact that poets always speak through metaphors or similes. When I was young my pops used to hand me Ebony magazines all the time and subscribed to them and his message was that in Life you can aspire to be whatever it is that you want to be and that there are people out there doing it. Even if its not being broad casted or highlighted among the media.

Now I feel inspired for the music though because I get it now and I salute all the hip hop artists, musicians of all genres, DJ’s I grew up on/with, studied and learned from. If you heard me beatboxing or freestyling it was all in fun. Yet, this will all come in due time. Some may say B. Poe why'd you put the info in a book. I'd answer them and tell them it was written.  My situation is convoluted right now as home is where the heart is and when a house is divided it is difficult to stand strong and fortified and the enemy knows this. However even in my darkest hours I want to do my best to inspire others and through inspiring others the Light at the end of the tunnel shines brighter for me and for all. Remember walking on purpose helps to produce more light and cast off the dark. To my fellow Lightworkers or to all that’s in the know keep dropping the knowledge and the keys we see you and salute you. Oh yeah and I’m not an enemy of the state. I’ve had some preconceived notions on things for some time and I stand corrected. Let’s not be third eye blind and keep your armor on. I want to say do you, spread Love, inspire your fellow man and if he or she is hungry and you're capable feed ‘em. We are our brother’s keeper and this is where it starts. Let’s keep it positive good people and stay filled with compassion. We got to keep on walking on the road to ZION like Damien and Nas said. In the Bible the book of Isaiah Chapter 28 there is a title "A Cornerstone in Zion" (check it out if you care to) and it is from this cornerstone we build the foundation together with patience, enlightenment, bonding, and understanding.  Everything has its season however, and at times we should really allow Nature/ GOD/ Source to run its course, as this is the lesson I've learned from all of this. I keep coming across a father footprints poem from my each of my kids that I received on father's day and the words that stand out are "Walk a little slower Daddy, walk a little slow". Patience please and even in the midst of all of this......Still we rise!

Peace, Abundance, Prosperity and Blessings!

-B. Poe

P.S. Check for these quotes

“Charity looks at the need and not the cause”


“…….it May be said that men appear as minds, Concentration of minds is to them the ideal life. Such differences as between talent and genius, between ordinary goodness and the highest sainthood, between moral weakness and power, are by them understood as simple differences in degree of concentration”

- From the Master as I Saw Him