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The Ever-Growing Movement Towards Reparations

Once you drop food for thought then you let it marinate...Now remember the best tasting food will come from sitting in that "seasoning" for some time. So when I recently made a commentary on social media that spoke to the reasons as to why using constitutional rights as a means of free speech to slander or bring down a certain group of people was wrong and how do you expect us to respect that very document. The commentary spoke to how the Black man / Woman was once considered 3/5 of a person, then suddenly at the scratch of a pen we are now considered wholly human. I believe this comment resonated with many including some of our white counterparts. The thing is its funny because this had been sitting under our nose for some time and I may not be the first to have said it but Divine timing and an appeal to common sense can help open other’s eyes.

So we let thoughts like this marinate on the minds of our perceived oppressors and they realize in true fashion we may help liberate them by changing their mindsets...Once you change the mindset then it can only foster conditions or an environment for true change that comes from empathy. When the truth is made plain then we can shift towards Truth and Reconciliation much like they did in apartheid South Africa .What is warranted is definitely not only reconciliation but reparations, because the repercussions of slavery have obviously had far reaching generational consequences which naturally breeds anger and at times resentment. Pay attention to a word that is inherent in the term reparations and that is to "repair". Repair not only physical things but the repair of the mind body and spirit. On my previous posts I spoke to people being mired down in poverty the kind that can break one's Spirit..

So we ask that you seek to repair this by facilitating means of reversing the plight of poverty without a gentrification type of agenda among many other things such as the deeper history of our people. Our story did not begin with slavery. Can you understand how it is difficult to wholeheartedly respect this document that seems to lord itself over people who weren't even considered equal to those that drafted the document. Flash forward to the 60's again at the scratch of a pen we are told we can vote and I believe the "right" for us to vote actually comes to a vote every something odd years. The concept is odd in itself. It really doesn't make it too much better. If you want to show equality then why not just make it permanent....( Hmmm still Loving that control factor, huh?)

When you are making a case it's difficult to gloss over the root of a problem, there in the fact that our ancestors were not even considered wholly human...Even the man that " emancipated" us had reservations about the so called Negro....He is quoted as saying during a debate with Stephen Douglas...

Abraham Lincoln Quote:

“I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in anyway the social and political equality of the white and black races – that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of Negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race. I say upon this occasion I do not perceive that because the white man is to have the superior position the Negro should be denied everything.”


Abraham Lincoln

(1809-1865) 16th US President

I bring this up as a point of reflection and one cannot say I am trying to rewrite history or even take these words out of context. The reflection comes in the form of how this mindset is still very pervasive in our society. I spoke a few years back (circa 2011) regarding icy hearts and apparently some haven't melted while others are beginning to understand the disparities in our society or even worldwide where people of color are simply not treated the same as Caucasian counterparts....This is seen through the blatant police brutality and false vigilante justice, atrocities like the shooting in South Carolina church, better yet the blatant shooting of Walter Scott in Charleston, Sam Dubose in Ohio, treatment of Sandra Bland case in Texas, Eric Garner in New York, and the list goes on..... Definitely too long......  

Now in efforts to bring the point home in terms of the need for reparations I would like to speak on some research I came across that highlighted the contributions of Black slaves to the building of the core of this nation. These sites are well known and almost synonymous with the terms United States to any foreigner or U.S. citizen when they think of Washington D.C., which is none other than our nation’s capital. These popular sites among the many are known as The White House and the Capitol Building. According to records 400 out of 600 laborers behind the building of the Capitol were Black slaves who were paid a wage of $5/month, which may have seemed to be quite a bit of money for that time to some. However, the horrible irony behind this wage was that it was paid to the slave masters as opposed to the slaves themselves. I find this rather disturbing, but I am also not the least bit surprised. Historians have discovered that slaves worked 12-hour days, six days a week on construction of the Capitol. The federal government rented the slaves from local slave owners at a rate of $5 per worker per month. Besides working on the building, slaves worked in quarries extracting the stone for the Capitol. Other slaves provided carpentry skills, and still others worked at sawing stone and timber. While, slave women and children were used to mold clay in kilns. Congressman John Lewis characterized and depicted the conditions and the situations as follows:

“Imagine, in Washington’s oppressive summer heat and humidity, to chisel and pull massive stones out of a snake- and mosquito-infested quarry,” Lewis said. “Imagine, having to fight through the bone-chilling winter in rags and sometimes without shoes. Just imagine, the United States government paying your owner, not you, but your owner $5 a month for your labor. This Capitol, the most recognizable symbol of our democracy, was not built overnight, it was not built by machines. It was built through the backbreaking work of laborers and slave laborers.”

Congressman Lewis made these statements upon the placing of plaques honoring the slave labor in an area of the Congressional Visitor’s center called “Emancipation Hall”. Quite frankly, a plaque alone doesn’t cut it. Where is the justifiable payback? Where are the people who state, “If you don’t like it here, why don’t you just go back to Africa?!” This statement alone is insulting, especially when you know your ancestors built the core of this nation.

Now to bring this home even further (bases fully loaded). This is where I ‘m going to seek to appeal to the hearts and minds of all as the extrinsic and the intrinsic forms a fabric of the Universe. Washington D.C. is indeed at the core of this nation and how it runs. The White House hosts the figurehead and The Capitol carries out and conjures up laws. It is no coincidence that the Patriarch & Matriarchs (Origin of Civilizations) played an undeniable part in erecting these structures. Many shaped after the likes of early African civilizations such as Egypt (think obelisk’s, pillars, and domes). The problem is for centuries the builders didn’t receive there just compensation physically and spiritually.

You essentially had them building at the center or core of a nation, yet seemingly strive to keep them at the periphery. It is as if you are breaking Universal laws by committing such acts. Blacks have a long history of being treated as outsiders when we are at the core of building this nation. Truth is the South was becoming too powerful for the North off the backs of free labor, hence the derivations of the Civil War to “preserve the Union”. The freedom of the slaves was a by-product of such a war and helped minimize the perceived threat of the seceding South. Are you beginning to understand the double edge sword of the words of Abraham Lincoln during the debate. Some may argue he was trying to appease his constituency and the act of emancipation was altruistic. Please keep in mind you are dealing with the lives of human beings such as yourselves. In other words no one has time for the mind games and politicizing of human rights any longer. This is something that must be addressed in order for things to come full circle.

The Universe (GOD) does not like ugly and by coercing us to play the periphery or being resistant to leveling the playing field you are doing the world and the country a disservice in trying to delay the karma of benevolence that should come from free labor. For those that feel this language is here to spew divisiveness, this is far from the case and this is why it appeals to facts and the Heart mixed with a common sense approach to shifting minds on the matter. Divisiveness may be found in the fact the other 200 laborers may have been indentured servants or even free men earning fair wages. In fact many were cited as being immigrants. One only needs to look at Treasury pay slip archives to make these discoveries. I love hearing the stories of some of my fellow West Indians tell the story of how their great grandparent was instrumental in the building of the Panama Canal, or White counterparts speak on the building of the Brooklyn, George Washington, or Tappan Zee bridges. They make these statements with a sense of pride. The challenge is that what true pride apart from the level of endurance needed to work in difficult conditions for free can be found in the building of the core of a nation that again keeps the original builders at the periphery.

Lawmakers to you I ask “How do you want your legacy to be shaped?” Did you notice how I just brought up the examples of the pride found in the building of the bridges or canals that essentially made it easier for people to reach the core of cities or countries that were a challenge before? Symbolically you can essentially build that bridge and canal between the periphery and the core through the passage of laws that address true reparations for the Patriarchs and Matriarchs (Origin of Civilizations). Andrew Jackson seemingly passed the buck with the “40 acres and a mule”. At this point the issues that pervade our society and culture not only nationally but worldwide run far deeper than just receiving land. It has to be of the intrinsic and extrinsic kind for the Universe (GOD) to acknowledge it in all of its glory. The key is to allow us to be a part or even lead how we are compensated for atrocities and free labor of the past that have left a negative trickling effect on our progress as a people and an uneven playing field ( If you’re thinking about Affirmative Action, then you are severely missing the point). However, we so persevere as I’ve said time and time again.

We’ve done the forgiveness thing for quite some time and now it is time for us as a nation to put our money where our mouth and laws are in the very buildings that those who have been on the periphery helped build. Let’s build a genuine referendum on how we need to be compensated inside and out and watch the dominoes fall right into place as a result of this resonating energy we are about to overwhelmingly put out there. This is not to say it hasn’t been done before, but we must move past plaques and monuments in order to affect true change. To my people, the Patriarch & Matriarchs (Origin of Civilizations) Chosen tribes our time is no longer near, it is here. Below is a video found on, in which a gentleman makes a succinct point on why the forgiveness and prayer factor can only do but so much and economic power is what is required to level the playing field among other factors. Please make no mistake I'm a firm believer in prayer, as I view it as meditation. Yet, it's meditation  that leads to manifestation, in essence the opposite of faith without works. The meditation on a massive scale helps push a movement forward, as they essentially always begin with a thought construct. On my next posts I plan to speak on what actions would yield a true sense of reparations. I'll tell you this much, money isn't the only thing on a Brother's mind. Nevertheless, I will keep an eye and ear on the pulse of the people and see what other facets they have in mind.  Peace Fam! Love Is Love ;-)....         


-Fourth Debate with Stephen A. Douglas at Charleston, Illinois, September 18, 1858

(The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln edited by Roy P. Basler, Volume III, pp. 145-146.)





Connections: Intuition & The Love of GOD (Yah )

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Soul Survivor Vol.1:Life is Poetry Now @ Pickwick Bookshop Nyack, NY

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Reincarnation & Karma of the Soul ~Ties To Poverty ,Crime, Generational Curses

There are many, but perhaps the principal one is the teaching of orthodoxy that at each birth a newly created soul enters material existence fresh from the hand of God, that it lives here in a material body for a longer or shorter span of time and then passes out by death into the invisible beyond, there to remain for all eternity in a state of happiness or misery according to what it did while here in the body.

The Rosicrucian teaching is that each soul is an integral part of God, which is seeking to gain experience by repeated existences in gradually improving material bodies and that, therefore, it passes into and out of material existences many times; that each time it gathers a little more experience than it previously possessed and in time is nourished from nescience to omniscience--from impotence to omnipotence--by means of these experiences.
Our sense of justice revolts against a teaching which sends one soul into a home of culture and a noble family where it has the advantage of wealth, where moral teachings are implanted in the growing child, but sends another into the slums, its father a thief and the mother, perhaps, immoral, and where its teachings consist in lying, stealing, etc. If here only once, all should have the same chance if they are to be judged by the same laws, and we know that no two people have the same experiences in life. We know that where one meets many temptations, another lives comparatively untouched by the storms of life. Therefore, when one soul is placed in a moral environment and another in immoral surroundings, it is not right to send the one to a heaven of enjoyment and eternal bliss for doing the right he could not help doing, nor is it just to send the other to a hell for stealing and robbing when the environment and the conditions into which he was thrown were such that he could not help himself.
Therefore, the Rosicrucian teaching holds that we come into whatever place is best fitted for us by our previous experiences in former lives, and that we get just what we deserve in all cases; that all experiences which come to us are just what we need to give us the appropriate impetus for our next step in unfoldment.


Now before I begin allow me to make this disclaimer and this is that I have no affiliations to the Rosicrucians. Nor am I trying to indoctrinate or throw dogma your way. As this group of christian mystics are clearly stating they are of a different belief of the traditional orthodoxy where you are either rewarded or doomed to a Heaven or Hell. But, I couldn't help agreeing with this depiction of a soul's incarnations and how it breaks down the cycles in relation to where a Spirit may land from it's previous experiences. This was taken directly from one of their websites at In my opinion this brought validation on the inside as to how one always felt it worked and I have no problem pulling from different sources to make a point. I mean it deeply resonated. GOD is indeed a merciful GOD and in my previous posts I highlighted this in relation to the recycling of the Soul or what some may deem as karma. The fear of a perceived "hell" is real but what if this perceived hell can actually take place on Earth because for many it can certainly feel like this is the case; especially for those who live under the plight of poverty.

You see in a new age or paradigm we seek to gain a better understanding of how Life cycles work. Often times we wondered why is it that some people "luck out" and are born into a wealthy or middle income family and the next man or woman into poverty (You know the "silver spoon" thing). It's not really luck but seemingly the Universe working itself out moving like a recycling bin, recycling Souls till their Souls reach a certain maturity (Again, not a Soul superiority thing but a Soul maturity thing). Am I discounting that there are powers that be that simply like to keep these vicious cycles going? By all means no. But you ever ask yourself what is it they know on a spiritual level that may perpetuate this separation among "classes" as we currently know them. Ever ask yourself how we may be able to break these cycles? Ever ask yourself how breaking these cycles may lead to an overall better society? 

It's my belief that many families born into the plight of poverty carry a strong moral ethic, yet when faced with living in certain conditions and when disenfranchized they have to find creative outlets to remain alive as I stated in "The Facade" in Soul Survivor Vol. 1. Unfortunately, many of these outlets fall under what society may deem as crime and thus we have predicate felons locked up for doing what they have to do to feed their families.  The system quite frankly isn't shaped to always give these people a chance to break the cycle whether as individuals or families. I mention families more so to make the connection to what people know spiritually as generational curses. Carrying a felony often means no job when you come home so you go back to what you know and the cycle continues. I've mentioned this before in previous posts but did not harp so much on the spiritual cycle aspect as I was speaking more on the local effects of globalized capitalism. Plus I came across the depiction above that seemed to capture these spiritual cycles in a well fitting manner.

Family I put this out here because it is not a coincidence that many of the descendants of the patriarchs and matriarchs origins of civilization struggle with this cycle of poverty worldwide and consequently end up being locked up as a result of/and being disenfranchized. Domestically we've always known that the jails consist of approximately 60% "black or people of color" as inmates. Many derived from the plight of poverty and many predicate felons. What if we were to change some of the policies towards how we first and foremost tackle poverty because it's at the root of this along with the fact that many feel they are being directly targeted. Truth be told many will say everyone has a "choice" they can make, they don't have to choose that route. But this is where I say "ah hah!" and make the link spiritually as it was described in the depiction above when it states,
Therefore, when one soul is placed in a moral environment and another in immoral surroundings, it is not right to send the one to a heaven of enjoyment and eternal bliss for doing the right he could not help doing, nor is it just to send the other to a hell for stealing and robbing when the environment and the conditions into which he was thrown were such that he could not help himself.          
I allude to this because the world is really going to need a certain level of compassion to understand the consequences of poverty and its ramifications to society in general and how it seems to disproportionately be affecting a certain group of people for centuries. However at the rate things are going as I've stated before in previous posts; there are many who have never even tasted poverty before and are falling into this cycle and in time may fall into doing what they have to do to survive. Essentially the vicious cycle will become more widespread and then we are thus moving away from the notion of bringing or having a Heaven on Earth. 

The point is that many policies need to change as for many right now crime simply pays for some because they have no choice but to operate under what's labeled "crime". Other countries have successfully changed their policies towards things such as drug control and the criminality aspect of drugs successfully. Look at the Netherlands for example.  Then domestically we have those who are caught up under three strikes rules or mandatory minimum sentences just for being present in the home of those they didn't even know were partaking in "crime" or simply visiting family. Yet, when incarcerated how can individuals take advantage of the use of their GOD given talents and faculties to use their creativity legitimately to get paid or help their fellow man as opposed to being viewed as a deviant. Some even earn their degrees while incarcerated or pick up a very legit trade, but society will fear them once released. In one of my last posts  "Still We Rise"  I spoke to us ascending to a point where we can truly use our minds to create and manifest what we want in the physical. So are we saying that those who are incarcerated can't take part in this. Do we keep the poor so mired down in poverty that they lose hope?

I pose these many questions to stimulate thought as always and to also get the attention of the powers that be. In addition the awareness of the Spiritual cycles and how they relate to where we land in the present is vital to breaking these vicious cycles and for some what may seem to be generational curses. The generational curses aren't subject or limited to any one particular race but clearly there are some who are affected more than others and this is just a fact. Now there are many angles and viewpoints when it comes to this particular matter of poverty that need to be heard along with the how's and why's the patriarchs and matriarchs origin of civilizations seemingly suffer the most from this worldwide and clearly domestically. Is this too by design? In many ways I believe so or let me say know so.

The main gist of the post was to interweave the spiritual themes with the culture and the happenings that take place here on our Earth. This is important as we walk the Earth in our physical shells yet are truly Spirit beings at our core. So why not get comfortable with how the Spirit operates and how it relates to the pertinent issues in our society as we are extensions of GOD. "Co-Creators" is a great term to define this. Nonetheless, injustices can only last but so long and I firmly believe Nature is going to bring the balance. Check out my previous post on "Motherland Foundational Soulutions" to see how we may be able to accelerate the plan as Co-Creators.  Peace to the Love and Awareness 360.

Peace, Prosperity, Abundance and Blessings

-B. Poe

P.S. Check for these quotes

"In the streets its getting hot and the youths them a get so cold, searching for food for the pot, they'll do anything to fill that gap"

-Richie Spice

"Powerful figures in Spirit live infinitely cascading messages with purpose we so persevere......"

-B. Poe


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***Five Star Poetry*** by B.Poe

360 Degrees

Synthetic frills can kill
Vocabulary and memories
Dictionary to pictionary
Synonyms come soon
We learn holistic balance
To uphold the talents
Imhotep scholars scream and holler
360 degrees
Falls to his knees
So once can't conceive of
Disease or malaise
In a phase where we
Turn the page and rage
Against the machines
Spend time peeling limes
To extract the bitter
As if it were kosher to reconsider
Work from the Heart
The diagnosis bi-polar
When your world falls apart
Proclaim fame with severe dedication
To the arts
One hand provides the parts
The other polishes the full picture
If you seek affirmation
Much is hidden in scripture

Acoustic Glory

She sung about the mystery of iniquity
Acoustic flow
Problems solved through our history
Full circle ancestry
Keepers of the Earth
Seeds sprout
Without a doubt
To the side we till still
Like a community garden
Till the brothers are pardoned
Hearts no longer hardened
Inject the sentiments
So it cements
Felt within
GOD within
Dusting off the books that hold evidence
No longer are they dead
As it was her breathe
That gave us Life
Glory to you Eden

Come Together

Keep coming together world
Keep coming together
Watch the miracles flow
As the miracles grow
Light up the world
With a sky full of lighters
So when the heavens look down upon us
Even the darkest spirits frowns
Turn upside down
Their time is damn near up
Last minute havoc
As if GOD would have it
The tie that binds
Source's representative for Earth
It shines
We welcome in a golden age
A new paradigm

Mix - Match

Time to go Gnostic
Under this bostick
Number 2 shade
Celtic Nag Hammadi
Mix match like
Kilts at the parade
Plaid prints come together
Regardless of weather or whether
We carry weaponry
A shepherd boy sees his peace
Six pence none the richer
They evolve into flippers
With underwater smarts
Not floppers for corn poppers
But top shottas
Cutty Sark dark dreams
Translated by wray and nephew
We adore the divine women this season
Something like Heff do

Summer Reading Feedings

Prescriptive literature
Compassionate reversals
Pecola breeds Love
While Atticus finch pinch
The syringe holding heroin
Holden caufield steel
So catch her in the rye fields
The color purple
Had me in a haze like
Kush and dour hours
Gatsby style
I could go on forever
She said she liked my strong island
When we ate at oyster bay
Paused to hear bishop
Preach to Q about the juice
Along the way
Sent flowers to Algernon's funeral
Sometimes I'd fall asleep
Tryptophan effects
The mind eats
Summer reading feedings
Knowledge seeps
We can sometimes relate
When the scenes look like they'd take place
At our front gates